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Healthy Solutions is the combination of competent, caring practitioners who have dedicated their careers to improving their patients’ health and wellness. While each is a passionate leader in his or her field, the synergy created by our integrative care model is our unique approach to respond to any of your concerns.

Jean Dansereau

DACP, Master Herbalist, Facial Diagnosis, TCM Practitioner

With 38 years of experience using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbal remedies means Jean can immediately identify your health struggles and what you need to do to correct them. All without invasive procedures or harsh, dangerous side effects.

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Gina Salerno

Owner/Hair Stylist/Make-Up Artist

Gina uses innovative hairstyling techniques and utilizes botanically based hair care products which are free of ammonia, artificial colorants, PPDs, sulphates and parabens.  Her years of experience and her relationships with her clients have given her the desire to source superior products and provide exemplary customer service, addressing health and beauty issues inside and out. 

Karen Armstrong

Consciousness Educator & Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Access Bar Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner


Karen is a multi-faceted life coach and hypnotist that is passionate about helping her clients overcome stress, anxiety, depression, reactivity and self-sabotage.  Self-awareness, presence, emotional control, self-love and self-compassion are necessary components of a happy and peaceful life.  


Karen believes once a person understands how their mind works, they will be able to fully embrace the power they always had to make the changes they need in their lives.  Identifying the root cause during the process is critical and cannot be over-looked or undervalued.  This is very difficult, if not impossible, to do on your own.  Limiting beliefs and habits can hold a person back for upward of a life time.  Defining what you want and setting action steps to get you there is simply not enough to experience permanent results.  You must dig deeper and gain the inner understandings.


Reading books, attending courses, listening to podcasts, etc… alone can not result in permanent change.  The information gained is informative however only personal experience can result in transformation.  This is why coaching is so powerful! Karen utilizes customized coaching strategies and approaches to coach her clients at the conscious level and/or hypnosis at the subconscious level.  

Kashaelle Gagnon

Certified Phytotherapist

Kashaelle Gagnon is gifted with a healing touch.  She has a natural instinct for solving chronic physical problems through bodywork and is a certified Phytotherapist (use of medicinal plants in a holistic treatment approach).  She also uses sound and colour therapy.


Kashaelle is certified in Spa Technology, Healing Touch, and was trained in Acutonics (Tuning Fork Healing) which can break through subtle energy blockages to bring the body back into balance.  She is also trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology and nutrition.


To Kashaelle, an illness is a message;  it is the manner in which the body announces an imbalance or lack of harmony in the mind, heart or spirit.

Kashaelle's approach to healing is holistic.  She works to ease the physical symptoms while assisting her clients in finding the deeper causes of their health issues.  With her treatments, health problems can transform into healing opportunities so that one can attain full and true wellness.

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Kelley Ramsden


Kelley knows that given the right support and environment, we all have the innate ability to heal.  She strives to create the ideal space for her clients to relax, unwind and have the best possible experience.
Through compassionate and careful listening, she addresses physical, emotional and energetic issues using reflexology, energy healing and intuition. 

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Anitta Jensen

Reiki Master/Teacher, Accunet Practitioner

Using complementary therapy techniques such as reiki, accunect and crystal healing, we can help restore harmony to the body's energy field, allowing healing on all levels-physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality.


Deborah-Ann Theodoses

Registered Massage Therapist/Emotion Code Practitioner

Deborah-Ann is a registered massage therapist since 2003 with National Health Practitioners of Canada.  She studied at M.H. Vicars School of Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy Wholistic Centre.
Her qualifications include Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Pre-natal, Sports and Swedish massage.  She is also trained in using Scalar Wave Lasers during her massages.


Kristy Russ 


The Renegade Pharmacist Functional Medicine Health Coach

The advantage of Kristy's specialized education in functional medicine combined with the medical experience as a pharmacist allows her to better pinpoint the underlying causes of your health problems, which is infinitely more effective than the standard medicine approach. Kristy's professional background has provided her with the valuable tools for accomplishing life-changing results.

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